Thirtythreetrees Ltd.
77 Merrion Square
Dublin 2
D02 DH22

T +353 (0)1 507 9161

13-18 CITY QUAY, PLAZA, Dublin 2 | 2019
(status | built)
City Quay, Jimi Shields, TTT thirtythreetrees,

TTT public space, over basement, adjoining new office block and independent café. Conceived as a foreground to Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, creating an overlap between church and commercial environment.
TTT Material Palette: Blue limestone, Casper limestone, granite setts, cast in-situ concrete, powder coated galvanised steel railings & gates, lighting layout and planting. (Henry J. Lyons inscription on TTT planter refers to office building only). Photos: Viktoria Hevesi.

RIAI Irish Architecture Awards, Winner 2019