Thirtythreetrees Ltd.
77 Merrion Square
Dublin 2
D02 DH22

T +353 (0)1 507 9161

(status | built)
Jimi Shields, TTT thirtythreetrees,

A board marked concrete structure stands like a table, or ship in a bottle, 90mm from the house, a protected Georgian structure. The client, a film maker, requested a “conspiratorial space”. It stands in a courtyard, featuring an alternating pattern of red brick and stone paving, that extends into the Winter Garden. Perforated steel gates repeat the floor pattern. Accessing the first-floor terrace, one steps out to a perforated steel deck, in the canopy of a tree. Structural beams are expressed in the terrace surface, with benches situated for sun and view. Planting is made level with the terrace with sunken pits and a suspended steel planter. A sample of the Querini Stampalia tile work features on the back wall, sourced from the Orsoni furnace in Venice. Design Team: Jimi Shields, principal designer. Maria Vlahos, plant spec. Fionnuala Hayes, project management. Lisa Edden, structural engineer. Murray Grigor, client/guidance. Built by M.J. Duncan & Sons.

RIAI Irish Architecture Awards, Highly Commended 2021 - (Courtyard & Terrace featured)